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The Secret Diary of Debra Graham Aged: 40(ish)

By 5th June 2017Muzzle and Snout

So finally, after many weeks of procrastinating I have built up the courage to put fingers to keyboard and start my blog!  I still haven’t decided on the how or the what, so I thought I’d just start with me…

Who even am I?  Well I am the wearer of several hats, I would say 4 at a push:

Hat 1 – Single Mum to a teenage boy

Hat 2 – Creator, Owner, Buyer and everything in between for Muzzle and Snout

Hat 3 – UK Sales Manager at Shapley’s Superior Grooming Products

Hat 4 – Daughter, Sister, Friend, Pony & Dog Mummy, Cook, Cleaner, Washer Uper etc etc

Open to offers on Hat 5 – girlfriend to incredibly handsome and funny male who rides like Carl Hester and looks like Tom Hardy 😊 (a girl can dream…)

Now I want to tell you about another of my dreams… I want a beautiful house in the countryside with lots of land so I can see my beautiful fell ponies all running around playing in the sunshine.  Which might be more like wallowing up to their knees in mud whilst I cry at their feather burning off – but luckily for me I sell Shapley’s MTG which is perfect for hair growth so all is good (plug no 1)!!

Whilst I am talking about Shapley’s I just want to say that I genuinely LOVE their products.  Seriously my fell pony Bertie, who trust me you will hear lots more about has better conditioned hair than me.  I have on occasion taken to a quick spray of his Shapley’s Magic Sheen Hair Polish when my mop has needed a little extra help. And a friend/ customer of mine recently washed her car in our Hi Shine Shampoo. Everyone’s a winner with Shapley’s!!  If you haven’t already tried their products, you should.

Talking of products (did you see what I did there, good eh!) let me tell you about my vision for Muzzle and Snout…. I spend hours and I literally do mean hours researching and looking for new and exciting products that are not yet available in the UK.  I am just at the start of this journey and if I haven’t bored you to sleep already, I do hope you will follow me while I go through the ups and downs of running a small business.

Much Love Debs x

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